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          "Survival in any situation is all about Knowledge and Inner Strength".

Hello to all,

My name is Chappy and I started this website to help get the word out about two things I love: the great outdoors and helping people overcome obstacles they thought were impossible to deal with.

I was inspired by the joy my two sons had when I took them camping ,to start a program that would help people use skills which they learned in the woods in their everyday lives. I was a graduate of a program somewhat like what we do now that I went through as a teen. 

My life was changed for the better when I went into the woods as a camper.  I was put into a group with six other boys who had never met each other before and we were assigned a counselor who had the pleasure of our company in the wild for two whole weeks.

We learned things that city boys did not know, like how to fish with just a line, hook and a worm, which we had to find in the dirt. We learned how to start fires without matches, how to find water, use a compass, how to ride horses and most of all we learned that survival in the woods was no game, but a test of one's skills.  The one skill that I know was most important one taught to us was the ability to work together as a team to overcome some of the harshest country in the U.S.

Later in life I had more hands-on training in wilderness survival from some of the best in the business with the U.S. Military, and put my skills and training in the wild to work as a Wildland Firefighter for a few years on a hand crew in Northern California.

Now, I feel today more than ever before, that the same skills I  learned in the woods gave me the leadership skills to be a success in my professional life as well as opening my eyes to the things that have become of interest to me. I love and respect the outdoors and anything wild. 

My heritage is also Native American (Oglala, Lakota Sioux) and I feel a deep draw to the wilderness and doing what I can to help others see what beauty there is in it and how to respect it.

Now I want to pass on my skills to others who may have never had the chances that I have had and I want more people to see that life in the city may be hard, but life in the wilderness could kill you if you don’t know what you are doing. The skills you learn to stay alive in the wilderness relate so perfectly to everyday life. I am not saying that you will breakout with a bow drill and start a fire in your office, but you will be able to see things in such a different light that you may feel that you have been blind to the truths of everyday life.

A lot of the information on this survival site has come from either our own experiences and/or U.S. military manuals.

I hope that we get the chance to meet you all in the woods around the camp fire of the spirit.


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